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  • Why natural materials?


    Why natural materials?

    Environmentaly friendly clothing made from pure merino wool are the basis of your wellbeing. In addition to wool we have added clothing made from silk, organic cotton and a blend of silk and merino wool to to the collection. You have a healthy option for all seasons.

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  • Wash and care


    Wash and care

    We are so happy that you have chosen Ruskovilla garments. We want you to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible so we have here some helpful info for you. Washing, caring and storing your Ruskovilla undergarments properly will make them last longer. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Ruskovilla garments for anyone


    Ruskovilla garments for anyone

    For our little explorers and our our bigger adventurers. Its all the same, everyone loves warmth. Check out our video!

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  • How to combine our garments


    How to combine our garments

    Fall and winter are lovely seasons if you are dressed accordingly. You want to feel warm, dry and comfy. It is all about dressing in layers! Also for the night choose soft and comfy silk or silkwool garments to stay warm, comfy and dry.

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  •    The finest organic and natural fibers
 Our materials are certified according to highest global standards and are ecological and ethical. Sustainability and responsibility are our priorities. No harmful chemicals have been used in our garments and textiles.

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  •    Warmth and comfort for babies, children and adults
 Choose your favourite garments from organic merino wool, 100% pure silk, organic cotton and silk wool. Our collection has something for all climates and all activities. 

  • Our products are manufactured ethically and ecologically Our collection is designed and manufactured in Finland since 35 years now. We care about you and our environment and we want to continue to produce top quality textiles.

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